About us

Established in Seattle, WA in 1981,as Fabriform, Inc., fabrifi™ is a plastics fabrication company with diverse and integrated capabilities including: thermoforming (vacuum and pressure), reaction injection molding, plastic fabrication, assembly, and the application of high performance coatings. As a complement to our diverse focus we strive for excellence in all areas.

Our objective is the same as it was over 30 years ago – to provide a superior product while saving time and money. We take a concept and turn it into a fully assembled product within a single facility. Fabrifi™ is staffed with technically trained individuals, capable of analyzing challenges and recommending specific materials best suited for specific applications.

Fabrifi™ is an industry leader, and we pride ourselves on building and maintaining lasting relationships. Not only do we have employees that have been here for 20+ years, but the same customers return year after year.The markets we primarily serve are the aerospace, medical and dental, life sciences, gaming, semiconductor, marine, transportation, and food processing.

We demand exceptional quality from our team, which translates to superior products for our customers. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and compliant to AS 9100.

As the market for plastic products expands, fabrifi™ continues to fulfill its role as a leader in product development, advanced manufacturing and coating technologies. We look forward to sharing that expertise with you.